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Turf and grass will look the same at first glance, and this is something 80% of the people will agree with when they discover that they are not the same. The grass is often used for landscaping due to the length of its blades and the softness of the surface but when it comes to real or synthetic turf, the result is different. With turf, you obtain a solid and tough surface that makes it stunning but not suitable for landscaping most of the time or, at least, it is not its main use considering that spaces or places like sports and training fields can use it to obtain the required support and grip.

After all, the blades of the turf are shorter and although you get a solid surface, it does not mean the impacts or harm caused by any type of accident and activities will be an issue. It is quite the opposite: you will have better impact absorption due to the structure of the surface.


An optimal result and therefore, surface, will be obtained as long as two aspects are met: use high-quality materials and provide top installation for it. This is not an exception for artificial turf considering the poor installation many companies and “experts” perform for either small or large spaces, and they tend to be the main reason why the synthetic option does not work.

However, it is also possible to have a poor result due to the materials since many of the options in the market for turf are made of basic plastic, which only guarantees from 3 to 5 years of longevity and durability, and its performance will not be the one expected. Once all this is clear and you start considering your options for safety surfacing, how do you know if this turf option is the one for you? Based on your needs and preferences.

You can use it for landscaping, but since the main purpose of the surface is to offer safety, it is only natural to use it when you are dealing with space where sports, high-impact activities, and any type of falls and accidents take place. A few examples are playgrounds, sports and training fields, outdoor gyms, and similar places where heavy traffic and continuous impact are common.

How do we help you with this surface?

At Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we have one mission: guarantee you are able to have a safe and stunning surface for your space. We have included synthetic turf among the ones we offer and our professionals can work with due to the need of not only having a surface that can reduce the harm from falls and a few accidents but also one that is able to provide support. It is hard to notice the difference between grass and turf, especially the artificial ones, and when you are not familiar with the real options in the first place.

However, it will not take you too long until you realize how different they are when our team provides you with a few samples. We want to make sure—before anything else—that you are aware of the decision you are making and for this, knowing the benefits and texture of the surface is crucial for you to feel satisfied with the final result. Therefore, when you reach out to our professionals you can expect all the help and assistance you need, starting with providing more knowledge and information about this surface and guide you during the process of choosing it or maybe deciding that another option is better. There is a lot involved with installing this surface and with safety surfacing overall, which is why we encourage everyone not to rush the process and rely on our experts a bit more during all the projects.

Is synthetic turf of high quality?

Not all turfs are the same when they are artificial, and even real ones vary depending on the type of turf that is growing in the area. But focusing on the artificial options, turf can be made of several materials in order to imitate the appearance of the original one and most of the options you will see available in the market will indeed achieve the goal. However, are they actually durable and long-lasting? The answer is no in most cases.

Regular turf is made of basic plastic as we previously mentioned but other materials quite similar to it are also used often to obtain the pieces. As a result, none of them will last for many years considering that an actual high-quality turf should be able to last for over 2 decades or 18 years minimum. This is why it is crucial to consider the materials and, in our company, Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we do not use low-quality ones. Instead, we focus on manufacturing the synthetic turf we offer with nylon and polyethylene only, which are the best materials for this type of surface.

This can make the surface a bit more expensive, but we do our best to maintain it affordable and more importantly, guarantee you obtain one that will imitate the real surface without any issues and provide the support and impact absorption needed in the space. Therefore, when we have to answer the main question, we usually say “yes” since it is true, but an explanation like the previous one is required in order to understand the extension of the topic and be able to make a good decision.

Will we handle the installation?

Absolutely. Our main service is to install this surface and guarantee you are satisfied with the result and since this step influences the longevity and durability of the turf, we will not hold back with it. Keep in mind that the price of the surface per sq. ft. includes the installation. Therefore, there is no need to worry about extra expenses with us. Thanks to our professionals, you will be able to have a high-quality and long-lasting green surface with great support and shock absorption.