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The common knowledge about safety surfacing is that it can only be used for certain spaces or areas and also, that there are not too many alternatives when it comes to the type of surface you can choose. Is all this wrong? Absolutely. Just as you have many options for regular surfaces you would install at home or in a commercial building, you can choose from many alternatives when the main purpose is to provide safety over appearance, and this does not mean you have to sacrifice the latest either.

Everything depends on the options you are giving when reaching out to professionals that can take on the task and the final design you want to obtain. Now, where do you need to use or install safety surfaces?

Safety Surfacing Services-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

Playgrounds, city parks, and sports fields are the most common spaces where they are needed due to the impact absorption properties required for the activities that are usually performed. However, they can be used anywhere as long as you decide to go for a safe surface, and this includes both indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we are able to provide all the services you need regarding these surfaces, including the installation of any of the options we have available. The ones we offer are meant to be installed in any area you choose and all of them are able to stand different temperatures when used outdoors. However, it is true that a few can be more suitable depending on the climate and your location.

That being said, do you actually need to invest in such a project? As long as you want to prevent accidents and falls from being quite harmful to children or any other individuals, we are confident you will find the use of these surfaces to be quite necessary.

How can you choose the best surface for your space?

Many factors influence your decision and you probably have not noticed it. First, you must have a good concept or idea of what level of impact absorption is required for the place where you will install the surface. If this is not clear, here is an example: let’s suppose you are planning to use the new surface for a playground—which is the most common space where safety surfacing is needed—; if you want to choose the best option for this space, in particular, you will have to consider the height of the equipment installed in it.

What equipment? The one that children would usually use for playing or any other installed for entertainment and general use. According to it, you can predict the falls that will take place and reduce the harm anyone receives from them with the right type of surface. In this situation and example, a Poured-In-Place rubber surface is the most suitable one since it can help with falls up to 12 or 13 feet and it looks stunning in playgrounds. Now, when you compare the previous example with another situation like needing a new surface for an indoor gym, you should not use the same surface.

Instead, rubber tiles will fit better your needs and provide the impact absorption along with the support required in this type of space. Finally, we have come up with a list of factors to consider that you can start with or have our professionals assist you in order to make sure that you are going in the right direction and having everything organized to be able to choose the best safety surfacing option:

  • Consider the temperature changes in your space or place where the surface is needed.
  • Your budget for the project.
  • The appearance or design you want to obtain.
  • The location of your space.
  • Level of impact absorption needed according to your space—as you can see in the previous examples.
  • The maintenance you can provide to the surface after installation.

Are safety surfaces expensive?

Yes and no. If you consider the cost or prices of regular surfaces you would install in your room or the ones you are used to, these surfaces that are meant to provide safety are actually not expensive. However, it will depend on the type of surface you choose and the materials used for its manufacturing along with the installation that should be performed by professionals. All prices are estimated per sq. ft. and for an average of these surfaces, it ranges from $6 to $15.

In our case at Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we do our best to provide high-quality but also affordable options that will not force you to go for the cheapest one when you are unable to spend a bit more on other options. Therefore, you can expect our surfaces to have a similar range of prices, but for those that are usually expensive like EPDM rubber, we have made sure to keep it under $13 per sq. ft. Now, the price of the surface includes the installation and any additional charge will be included depending on the condition of the existing surface, the colors you choose, and any special requests you have while our team handles the project.

That being said, we personally consider being these surfaces quite affordable when compared to any regular option that provides aesthetics but not safety. Keep in mind that our company is very interested in helping you with other needs, not only with installing a new surface for your space. Instead, make sure to contact us in case you need some repairs, perform maintenance, or maybe assess your existing surface to determine if it must be replaced or not. Our professionals at Fort Myers Safety Surfacing will take on any task you have for us and to request a quote for our safety surfacing services, you only need to fill the form on our website.

You are free to call or email us as well and we will do our best to get back to you within the next 24 hours without fail. If you are unsure about what you need, this service available in our company is the best option as well.