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Landscaping is usually the main purpose of real grass, but the problem with this option is that it requires a lot of watering, and maintaining its appearance all year round—the stunning green everyone loves—will require a lot of maintenance, which makes the surface much more expensive compared to synthetic grass. The first question when it comes to the artificial option is if it is as stunning as the real one and the short answer would be “yes” but the long one includes a: “it depends”. Not all synthetic grass is the same since the materials used for its fabrication vary. Basic plastic, for example, is very common as one of the materials used but it is not durable nor a good fit for obtaining the natural appearance of real grass.

Synthetic Grass -Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

If you want a synthetic option that looks exactly like the real one, you will need to acquire a grass that is made of nylon or polyethylene, maybe even both of them. Otherwise, you are going to have a surface that will not last more than 2 or 5 years at most. At Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we can provide you with high-quality grass that will not only look stunning but also deliver the same impact absorption properties as the real one. This is usually hard to offer since the previous materials we mentioned—nylon and polyethylene—must be the main ones.

However, this is not an issue for us since we do not offer grass that is not made of these two materials in the market. After all, we intend to offer high-quality surfaces only to guarantee you are safe with them, which is our priority.

Is synthetic grass durable and long-lasting?

Longevity and durability will not be factors you are going to worry about when it comes to this surface since artificial grass can last for over 2 decades when the right materials are used and proper installation takes place. As we previously mentioned, the quality of the materials truly influences what a surface can offer you, which is why we encourage you to choose carefully the grass you are accessing and will install in your space.

Many companies and “professionals” in the city offer grass that is of high quality, but end up being one that is made with basic plastic or very low-quality components that will make it last for a few years but the issue will lie in its appearance before anything else. Now, a short answer to the question is yes, it is durable and can last for many years with very low maintenance required.

However, the installation—besides the materials—will also influence this outcome since it is required to understand how the grass must be installed not only to obtain an imitation of the real one that looks 99% similar but also ensures the quality of the shock absorption properties offered by the surface. This is why relying on experts and taking the time to choose the right ones is crucial for the final result you want to obtain. Otherwise, you can even choose high-quality artificial grass but without proper people handling it, the result will continue to be poor.

Is synthetic better than real grass?

In terms of having the original one, synthetic grass will never be better, but it does not mean it cannot provide you with more benefits and even better results. First, you must understand that real grass is stunning as long as you provide a lot of maintenance, water it periodically, and make sure you are keeping everything clean. Not many people who have it are able to maintain it and do not understand how expensive and time-consuming this surface can be only for landscaping or even to have a safe surface where children can play.

Now, when you consider the synthetic option, it is clearly a better one considering that watering is not needed—making it eco-friendly—and the maintenance of the blades and grass itself will not be time-consuming since it is not required periodically but rather once a year and common services you can perform on your own every two weeks with exceptions. In our company, we consider that the artificial option is better despite sacrificing the natural characteristic of the grass. Why? Because you are not only contributing to the planet but also obtaining more for less in terms of time and resources used for the surface.

Since it can also last for over two decades, there is no need to worry about replacement anytime soon and repairs are not common with this surface. With this clear, there is another question to answer: does it provide support and the required impact absorption? In the beginning, we mentioned that landscaping is the main reason for using this surface but since it is among our safety surfacing options, expect it to offer a safe space for anyone in it and support for activities like sports and children playing. Compared to rubber surfaces, it may not be as good for impact absorption but it does offer the same level as the real one, which means there is no difference and this will not be a factor for you to determine if real grass should be considered instead of this one.

Should you install it?

If you have landscaping purposes, we assure you will be satisfied with the result. However, if you are more interested in the safety aspect and not only in having a good-looking surface for your patio, yard, playground, or any other space, we hold our statement: it is a good option. In any place or space where you would use real grass, synthetic grass will end up being a better option no matter how you see it. therefore, do not consider it too much and instead, start the project with the assistance of our professionals.

Fort Myers Safety Surfacing is a company that is able to provide you with the best results and we want to make sure that you are happy with the surface you choose and end up installing. Therefore, for any synthetic grass you want for your spaces, make sure to contact us and access only high-quality ones made of nylon and polyethylene and keep in mind that the cost per sq. ft. includes the installation of the surface.