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Rubber is quite used for several surfaces and during manufacturing products since it is recycled most of the time and easy to process. When it comes to safety surfacing, it is a great option due to all the alternatives and types available, especially the EPDM rubber surface that can be installed in many spaces and places. Before using it for flooring and having a safe surface in, for example, playgrounds and schools, this rubber was used for vehicles, cold rooms, and many others, and it remains the same.

Now, why is it used as a safety surface for indoor and outdoor spaces and flooring areas? Due to its flexibility and longevity. Among all the rubber options available in the market, this EPDM one can last for over 40 years easily and with very low maintenance, while its flexibility allows you to use it regardless of the shock absorption properties you need and where you plan to install it.

EPDM Rubber-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

But does it overcome the temperature and climate test? Absolutely. Most surfaces have issues with specific temperatures. Some will perform well in cold weather while others in hot temperatures and might not be able to handle frequent changes. However, EPDM rubber does not have this problem but rather works well with temperature changes and all types of climates, which is why its use is increasing in Fort Myers and throughout the country.

After all, one of the main factors to consider when choosing a safe surface is the climate and, of course, the location as a result; not having to deal with this provides you with freedom in finally having a surface that will not deteriorate easily. Although there are more options, this rubber surface can be outstanding and the best one if you are well-informed about its qualities but also your situation and specific needs.

If it is this good, why do people still consider it?

Because one surface will not always be perfect for every single space or project. But we have to agree that considering this for any of the ideas you have in mind is fair as long as you are prepared to spend a bit more than usual. It is not expensive, but it does represent a larger investment that you will have to consider depending on the size of the space where you need to install the surface. Now, does it have any weaknesses? Probably the appearance you will obtain if you have an indoor space in mind.

When using EPDM rubber, your surface will look stunning thanks to the wide range of colors available but the texture and specific design of the material can limit you when it comes to the indoor space where you can or should install it unless you are only interested in the support and shock absorption properties it offers. Playgrounds and sports or training fields are the areas where this rubber is often used due to the specific results obtained with it but also due to the great impact absorption it offers and competes with Poured-In-Place rubber and other alternatives. That being said, should you refrain from installing it indoors? Not quite.

If you have qualified professionals handling the installation, a specific result can be obtained based on a design or idea you have in mind, and here at Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we are eager to assist you with everything to make this happen without problems. Besides, safety surfaces are not usually used as the main ones for homes or common indoor spaces. However, residential and commercial gyms fit the description of where this surfacing option could be needed.

Benefits of EPDM rubber as your surface

There are several aspects and benefits to point out from this surface, starting with its flexibility and longevity. Believe it or not, the fact that it is quite flexible is what provides the shock absorption properties needed in playgrounds, gyms, schools, or any other place you could have in mind. It can handle falls up to 12 feet just like other surfaces and accidents should not be a problem. In addition, support is provided and the use of the rubber in other areas of the space is possible due to its characteristics.

As for longevity, you must know this is a synthetic rubber that is made with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which is why it can last a bit longer compared to other surfaces and the reason behind its resistance and performance with temperature changes. Finally, when it comes to other benefits to notice about the surfacing option, we always mention these to our clients and possible ones so they are clear and can be compared to other alternatives:

  • It has non-slip properties, which makes it perfect for spaces where children play and others depending on your needs.
  • The surface absorbs noise much better than any other safe surface, making it suitable for heavy traffic spaces.
  • It requires very low maintenance to guarantee its durability and longevity.
  • Repairs are not common nor expensive.
  • Any high-impact activity can be performed over the surface.
  • Several colors and patterns available.
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Why use EPDM rubber

If we had to summarize the description of the surface, it would be something like a cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting option. Overall, you should not miss it when you start to measure the benefits we mentioned, and we are confident that you will happen to find more depending on your needs and situation. Now, as we previously mentioned, a surface is not perfect for every single project and you might be limited to choosing this one if you have a very limited budget or feel like another design and appearance will satisfy you more.

After all, other surfacing options provide shock absorption as well and their designs or colors are unique. The main aspects to make your decision with this rubber surface lie in how long you want it to last, its durability, appearance, and your time to perform maintenance in the future despite a low one being required only. At Fort Myers Safety Surfacing—however—, we highly recommend its use if you want to bet for a surface that will provide both safety and a great design while being able to last for the next 4 decades minimum.