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When looking for professionals in safety surfacing services, it is necessary to look at all your options and consider a few factors before deciding to hire any of them. However, what are these factors you should consider? Most of the time, people and companies think about how near the professionals are and if they are able to provide the services without the location being a problem. After all, not all companies or experts reach the same areas or places.

Locations-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

Therefore, starting with the question of “where are they located?” can be a good option and follow it with questions like:

  • How much do their services cost?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • What makes one better than the other?

And so on until you determine the best option based on the previous aspects but also your needs and preferences. Now, if you are having a hard time making this decision because you have several good options or, on the contrary, none of them seem to provide you with the services you need nor meet your expectations so far, we suggest you focus on those that have a good success record in several projects.

At Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we are able to provide you with great services and results thanks to the experience and expertise we have gained over the last 10+ years. We are clear that safety surfacing is not the same as just installing a regular surface, which makes us a great option at first sight. The beauty about working with us not only lies in how experienced and capable our professionals are but also in our services and locations. We have expanded our services over the years and although you can find us in Fort Myers as the main location, you can rely on us regardless of your location in the USA.

All 50 states are within our reach since we are a nationwide company specialized in safety surfacing services: installations, repairs, replacements, and more. With this in mind, should you reach out to us and start with our services for your project? Absolutely. We are confident about being able to satisfy your needs and preferences and for this, we have main services that are available for any state and city in the country.

What services should you expect?

Our team of experts can handle everything related to safety surfacing, even if the surface we will work with is not included among the ones we offer for installation—this last service would be excluded in these cases. But for repairs, replacements, and maintenance, we are able to offer you several solutions as long as you provide us with some details when making your request. For example, do you need a new surface and therefore, installation? Or maybe, are you trying to replace an existing one?

Everything depends on your needs and preferences as well. However, we have specific services you can consider when reaching out to us, and keep in mind that almost all of them are based on the surfaces we can work with and offer for installation:

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Poured-In-Place Rubber-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing
Bonded Rubber -Fort Myers Safety Surfacing
Bonded Rubber Mulch-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing
Rubber Tiles-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing
EPDM Rubber-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

Where to access our services

As we previously mentioned, all our safety surfacing services and solutions are available in every state and city in the USA. Therefore, if you are located in Fort Myers or any other city in Lee County, expect to find us without any issues. But if you are from any other place in the country like Florida, California, Missouri, and so on, rest assured our team will be available for you.

Our company Fort Myers Safety Surfacing has invested a lot of effort in making this possible and we are confident about being the professionals you need for your surfacing projects, especially if you want a long-lasting, durable, stunning, and 100% safe surface for your children or yourself—or any other person using the spaces where you plan to install it. You can use our contact form, call, or email us anytime to reach out to our professionals regardless of your specific location, which you can mention in your message or call.