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One thing you will notice from the services and surfaces we offer in our company, Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, is that we use rubber as the main material for most of them and this bonded rubber option is—clearly—not the exception. However, before getting to this specific surface and why you will love it in certain areas and situations, we will answer one common question: why rubber?

Since rubber is 100% recycled, we decided to have it as our main source for surfacing options and this is when we started to offer surfaces that are made of this material in specific and are formed by it in at least 80% of the total composition. Of course, other materials are required but we make sure to use those that are as eco-friendly as rubber.

Bonded Rubber -Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

But besides this goal of keeping everything friendly for the planet, we have chosen it due to how durable and long-lasting the material is depending on the type or specific presentation you choose. Rubber comes in several options and in our case, we tend to use the TPV rubber and granules, which makes the results to be stunning but also provides the safety you need as expected from the surfaces we offer.

That being said, bonded rubber a specific type that provides alternatives when it comes to the design you can obtain but without sacrificing safety when installing the surface. When compared to other options like Poured-In-Place rubber, you will notice one main characteristic: it is a single-layer surface that makes it easier for it to dry, provides better drainage, and its porosity cannot be contested by any other rubber surface.

Therefore, it is commonly used for areas with pools or where proper drainage is required, and it is clearly a great option for places where rains and humidity are quite frequent. But what about its appearance and the design you can obtain? This is not an issue since you can obtain a natural loose look that is usually achieved with wood mulch and similar surfacing options but those usually require high maintenance while bonded rubber is the opposite: low maintenance will be the main highlight.

Where to install bonded rubber as a safety surface?

For safety surfaces overall, playgrounds and city parks are the most common places where you will find them due to how common falls and accidents take place. However, this does not mean they are the only ones where you can install any of the options. Now, some areas are indeed better than others when it comes to installing certain surfaces and some surfacing options will also perform better under certain conditions and situations. In the case of bonded rubber, you use it in both indoor and outdoor spaces, which means this is not a limitation when choosing it as your surface.

Will it perform better indoors or outdoors? It does not matter. This is one of the very few ones that can offer you the same durability and longevity regardless of the location or place where you install it but keep in mind that how long the surface lasts will depend more than just on the climate conditions. That being said, are there specific spaces where we, Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, recommend its installation? More than giving you a list of areas or places, we prefer to mention when they are needed. What do we mean by this? That, for example, you should decide to install it if you have space where falls up to 10 feet can take place and porosity is a quality you will appreciate quite a lot.

In other words, it also depends on your needs and preferences. In our company, which has been in business for over a decade, we have been installing this surface in city parks, playgrounds, pool areas, and sports or training fields due to how fast it dries and how well it performs with heavy traffic. And since you can obtain a specific design or color pattern, the appearance or aesthetics you achieve with it will not be an issue or factor to be considered when trying to make a decision about the surface and its installation or use. However, if you prefer us to mention a few places, we can confidently recommend you to use it for playgrounds, schools, city parks, pool areas, training fields, and similar ones where impact absorption but the characteristic of porosity is required as well.

How much will you spend on bonded rubber?

It will depend on a few factors:

  • The company or professionals you hire for the materials and installation.
  • Your location—city, state, or town.
  • The size of the space or area where you want to install the surface.
  • Any additional requirements for the surface.
  • The color pattern and style you choose.

When you choose a reliable and experienced company, you should not have to worry about the quality of the materials and installation, but the cost can be a problem due to the prices. However, at Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, our company is able to offer affordable prices for this and other surfaces and the best part is that your location will not influence us. If you are in Fort Myers or any city and town near it, you can rest assured that the cost will not vary and since the prices are determined per sq. ft., you can decide how much we should install, and the cost of the installation is also included with the rubber surface and its pieces.

Finally, our services and surface are also available in other cities and states throughout the country, which means you do not have to worry about where and when we can assist you with this surface. An estimate for the cost of the surface ranges from $6 to $12 in our company and the rubber we use is only TPV, which means it is of high quality and you can expect the best result thanks to our professionals’ installation as well.