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Using high-quality materials is crucial for the quality and final result of the safety surface you decide to install, which is why those made with rubber are usually at the top of the options available in Fort Myers and when it comes to indoor spaces, in particular, rubber tiles are even higher than the top. It is crucial to know that not all surfaces provide the same results despite being made for one common goal: safety—in this case. The levels of impact absorption provided by each one of them vary according to the composition, the materials used, and how many layers the surface has, while other factors like the climate and temperature changes will influence the longevity and durability.

Rubber Tiles-Fort Myers Safety Surfacing

What does this have to do with the mention of rubber tiles in specific? The quality of the surface you are considering and when or where it is better to use it. Rubber—first of all—is a recycled material, which means it is 100% eco-friendly and you will not have problems getting rid of it later on when it is time to replace the surface. Now, when you take it and use the material for the tiles option, you will obtain a result that provides durability and longevity as long as high-quality rubber is used and the installation takes place in a space where the surface can perform well, which takes us to the next aspect: when is this option safe?

Rubber tiles are commonly used in indoor spaces due to the geometric patterns you can obtain but also the support for joints and knees it provides. To be more specific, both residential and commercial gyms tend to use it a lot and the investment is great when they obtain the desired results. Overall, this surface provides great impact absorption as well. Not better when compared to Poured-In-Place rubber, but falls and accidents that take place quite often will not be an issue to continue worrying about. That being said, why are they usually recommended for indoor spaces? Due to the weather conditions that can affect its constitution and longevity.

The tiles design can have one problem: the very tight spaces between each one of the tiles, which makes humidity and other elements create problems in the future. However, this does not mean the surface cannot or should not be used since it can be solved—in most cases—with the right professionals. At Fort Myers Safety Surfacing, we will assist you in any need and problem you have with this surface and make sure you are satisfied and happy with the results. But before doing so, we want to help you determine if it is the best option for your project.

Why choose rubber tiles as your safety surface

Because despite the considerations and factors you must keep in mind, the benefits that come with it will make you forget about everything else. Before you make a decision about something as important as choosing your safety surface, it is crucial to know about flooring and the alternatives you are considering. Otherwise, how will you know if it is the best option for you and your space? We understand that knowing about surfaces is not simple and something a professional should be able to handle for you.

However, as we previously mentioned, we are interested in you knowing a bit about the surface before choosing it, which is why we will start with the benefits of this option in particular:

  • You do not have to provide periodical maintenance: this surface does not require high maintenance, which makes it quite affordable and easy to maintain in terms of appearance but also quality in providing impact absorption.
  • You can customize it: although the geometric patterns will remain, you can still choose several colors, mix a few features, and go for specific designs.
  • All legal standards and regulations are met: this means you do not have to worry about the surface being able to go over all the examinations required to determine if it is suitable or not as a safety surfacing option.
  • The impact absorption provided is not regular: other surfaces will indeed offer you more but it depends on what you need. When it comes to this one, falls up to 5 to 9 feet are not an issue, and it can also stand heavy traffic without struggles.
  • You can install it in any space regardless of the previous mentions: playgrounds, schools, gyms, training facilities, daycare facilities, indoor spaces, and outdoor ones as well.
  • Extra support is provided: joints, knees, and ankles will be thankful for the support provided by the surface when any person performs an activity in the area.

Is it a good investment for outdoor spaces?

If you are located in a place where rains are not too frequent during the entire year or temperature changes are not a huge issue, rubber tiles are a great surface to consider. But as we previously mentioned, it also depends on the installation and how it is handled. Proper installation of a surface is crucial for its short and long-term performance, which is why we encourage you to rely on us, Fort Myers Safety Surfacing.

We are able to handle the entire project and guarantee you are able to enjoy the design of this surface along with the support and shock absorption it provides without worrying about its durability and longevity. This is why we can confident when we say: yes, it is a good investment for your outdoor spaces. Since heavy traffic or daily use is not really a problem for the surface, the main and only problem lies in the climate changes, but with proper but very low maintenance, future issues can be prevented. Our company will provide you with all the services and resources for any need regarding this surface and we encourage you to choose it above others if you are in love with geometric patterns and want a safe surface at the same time and without remorse.